7 Reasons Why Social Media Artists are Disrupting the Advertising Industry

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Want to reach millions of young millennials with amazing content in a cost-effective way? Contact social media artists, brief them, let them do their thing and they will rock your world.

Social media artists, are young creative people who have managed to get big number of followers (ranging from 10k up to more than 8 Million), solely through using a social media network.

Their savviness of how the social networks’ algorithm works, and ability to develop great social stories, are the main reason for their success. And using these skills to create posts for brands or small businesses has, so far, shown great results.

If this trend continues, and social media artists manage to keep delivering great micro-content for brands while keeping their followers engaged, the advertising industry should get ready for a big shake up. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Smaller Media Budget

The cost of working with a social media artist will depend on different variables such as the number of followers, where he/she is based and their experience with other brands. There’s not yet a defined rate card like in traditional online media ads.

However, in my experience, the CPM (Cost Per Thousand impression) of a social media artist post is usually much lower than what you would get for an online ad placement.

In addition to that, many of these artists have much higher reach within social media channels where Millennials are spending most of their time than well-established global mass media networks.

2. Their Reach is Organic Not Paid

Organic means people see the influencer’s content because they’re following them and they like what they post on their network. Paid means you’re going to see this in your channel because, for example, Facebook decided you fit the description of a brand’s target audience.

Brands should not only analyze how many views they achieve, but also how they achieve them. An organic impression or view is more valuable for a brand than a paid impression.

3. You Don’t Need Creative Team Hours

Influencers are your creative team. In fact, they’re so creative that they’ve managed to get millions of people to engage with them almost daily. The expensive hours brands pay for a creative director in traditional advertising campaigns are inclusive when you’re working with social media artists.

4. Much Lower Production Costs

You won’t need to pay for a production company, rent mega-expensive equipment or fly to an exotic location to produce an expensive ad. Social media artists can do amazing micro-content just by using their phone.

5. They Provide You with Many Extras

I’ve worked with many different agencies and enjoy working with creative teams and account manager. But in the end, agency employees are part of a big organization with revenue targets which they’re under pressure to achieve.

Influencers, when contacted directly, are their own bosses and will normally throw in a few extras if they like you. They’re also great consultants and will tell you to your face what you’re doing wrong in your own social media networks.

6. They try to be Authentic

For social media artists to survive in this field, they need to be authentic. If they’re not, they’ll see big losses in followers and negative comments.

7. You Can Reach the Different Tribes

In social media, it’s common to see tribes or people who’re focused and interested to post and engage with specific type of content. There are the fashionistas, the foodies, the comedians, the magicians, the rich boys, extreme sports, memes – and the list goes on.

Regardless of what you’re selling or where you want to position your brand, you’ll find a specialized social media artist that’s influencing these tribes and can help do the same for your brand.

In a novel piece of research mentioned in Forbes “4 out of every 5 consumers say that brands don’t behave as if they really know them”. Influencer marketing could be the way to help marketers advertise in a more effective way. Social media artists certainly know what their followers want to see.

Have you worked with social media influencers? What are your thoughts about influencer marketing ?


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