About Us

We understand what it takes to succeed

Fresh Digital

is a Digital Marketing Agency that leverages its dynamic pedigree and turns it into a winning formula for its customers.

As a company that cut its teeth in the highly competitive Asia-Pacific channel sales arena, and with over 25 years experience building our C-level and Director level relationships and partnering with a range of clients across many industries, we understand what it takes to get you ahead of your competitors.

Our Aim

  • To give the very best service to our clients
  • To achieve the very best results in Google organically

Web skills

  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL

Our Skills

Web Build
Social Media
Content Marketing

Senior Management

Peter J. Groves

Managing Director & Co Founder

Rob Hickey

Sales Director

Arisa S. Hickey

Project Director

Bell Thawornkul

Technical Development Manager

Ben Simpson

Account Manager

Mitch Galvin

Account Manager

Tony Black

Account Manager

James Bonham

Account Manager

David Shaw

Account Manager

John James

Account Manager

Steve Trim


Kanittika (Zunnie)

Senior Web Developer

Sureewan (Dear)

Senior Web Developer

Palamee (Bee)

Web Developer

Kusuma (Ying)

Web Developer

Pilawan (Pim)

Web Developer

Karuna (Kate)

Assistant Office Manager

Nalinee (Fon)

Sales Coordinator

Phusita (Poy)

Sales Coordinator