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social-media_001At Fresh Digital, we are experts in understanding what Social Media will and won’t do for your business. We know that when the power of social media is harnessed correctly it can produce truly outstanding results.

Think about it. As recently as March 2013, Facebook was quoted as having over 1 Billion users. Twitter has over 255 Million active users, who send out an average of over 500 Million tweets each and every day.

Impressive as they are, these figures actually continue to grow, month in month out.

Of course, these are two of the largest social media platforms. Don’t forget there are many, many others out there that also carry huge amounts of weight.

While each platform tends to go about their business a little differently from the next, It’s worth remembering that they all reach out to potential ready to spend customers and users of your goods and services.

Making it easy for users to share, like, tweet and plus one just about anything has become an integral strategy for the heads at Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Perhaps the next question should be to think about just how much your business could benefit from this kind of exposure.

Get strategic and get results

The strategic use of social media marketing will help your business gain more repeat and loyal customers and increase your profits.

Furthermore, people who engage with your company via social media will more likely recommend your services to others in their network.

A single share around some interesting content that you have can start a chain reaction of events which can surprise even the most fanatical of social media watchers. This is called going viral!

Every share, tweet or like is seen as a vote of confidence in your business.

Long term credibility can be leveraged from the powerful referrals and recommendations that strategic social media will provide.

The end result is that your business will be seen as an “authority” or “the go to place” in its niche or area.

Social Media helps your online rankings

At Fresh Digital, we also understand how social media can help influence your business’ online ranking and how, when used correctly can be a factor in managing your company’s online brand name and brand presence.

You are probably aware that the search engines have a responsibility to make sure that users are delivered the most relevant content when they search online. Google in particular has been working hard to clean up on some of the not so healthy SEO practices that other agencies have employed.

The end result is that your search is much more accurate. It now seems a rarity for a user to even need to go past the first page of Google; such is the relevancy of the information provided.

It is widely believed that social signals play their part in helping Google to understand where to place a business. Logically, if you are getting your content shared, followed and liked it is a fair assumption that it is relevant to your social circles.

You can be sure that with Google’s ongoing commitment to make the search results relevant they will be taking even more account of the information provided by these social signals.

Isn’t it about time that your business started leveraging the power that social media can deliver?

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