So You Want to be a Content Marketer? You Better Know SEO!

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According to the latest research, demand for SEO jobs is at an all-time high — but it’s the ability to write content that is the most sought after.

Analysis of job demand and salaries for digital marketers illustrates how the industry is shifting. Not only are SEO job positions at an all time high, but salaries for those jobs are on the rise as well.

Over the past 5 years, from 2012 to 2017, there has been a 22% increase in SEO job positions and a 23% increase in salaries. With as many SEO jobs as there are in 2017, there are significantly more content jobs available. Four times as many, to be exact.

However, employers rarely want one without the other. Meaning if you want to work in a content marketing position, it’s beneficial for you to have SEO skills as well.

Nearly half of all content jobs require SEO skills:

”46.7% of all Content Marketing Specialist, Content Manager, Content Director, and Marketing Manager positions require SEO skills.”

According to content marketing software company Conductor, who commissioned this study, SEO is becoming less of a job title and more of a skill which digital marketers are expected to have.

In addition, fewer SEO teams are working in a silo, so to speak. Conductor says its seeing more brands having their SEO and content teams working together.


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